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28-Jun-2017 06:52

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The only con right now is the 3d character models that are just okayish if you compare them with the 2d art, that is incredible good.

The Animations and Voices are really good and there is a lot of scenes which are really good.

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Each one brings her character to life through their energy and emotion.As all of this happens, you gain currency you can use to unlock them in the Extra Gallery for later.It can be quite challenging to figure out what the correct combinations of monsters and placement is to clear a room, but you can also gain abilities and cheats to smooth your way past it, if you wish.Amelialtie have released a nice smooth animation divided into 2 act.

The first act is a nice hanjob blowjob where the guy is on a bench while the girl give him a handjob and blowjob. Like other review, this animation is short and do not have many position but with the update, Amelialtie give us a new act, a Titjob presented in another video.

However, they have added in additional contents of animation of tentacles which makes it "better".